Specifications :

 MODELS TTS – 52/100 TTS – 52/140 TTS – 52/200 TTS – 65/170 TTS – 65/250
Screw diameter mm 52 52 52 65 65
L/D Ratio 18:1 22:1 25:1 18:1 22:1
Screw speed RPM 5-50 6-55 6-60 5-45 5-53
Main Motor KW 11.5 15.0 22.5 15.0 30.0
*Max. Output Kg. / hr. 110 140 200 170 250
Pipe O.D. Min. mm 20 20 25 20 75
Pipe O.D. Max. mm 110 125 200 200 250

Twin Screw Extrusion Plants

  • For Pvc Pipes And Profiles, Door Panels, Door Frames Etc.
  • Counter rotating parallel screws with internal cooling / fluid filled and barrel made from alloy steel (EN-41B) and Nitride hardened by gas nitride process and or hard chrome plating after Nitride.
  • Stainless steel hopper for smooth material flow with motorized Crammer feeder. Compact and reliable energy efficient helical gear box.
  • Reputed brand AC motors and AC variable speed drives.
  • Temperature control panel with Electronics digital PID temperature controllers with Ampere Meters, rotary switches. Contactors, MCBS and thermo couples for each heating zone. PLC based touch screen control also available.
  • Controls for other motors also provided.
  • Cost efficient, quality plant with reasonable price and lowest running cost per kg output of finished Products.

Twin Screw Gear Box

Helical type gear box specially designed for Twin screw Extruder with thrust pack. Made under design  From Henschel Antiriebstechnik Gmbh, Germany.  Gearbox having oil pump for circulating oil in all bearings.

Vacuum Chamber (Calibrator) And Water Cooling Bath Unit

Fabricated  from  heavy  sheet  with  anti   corrosive coating. Vacuum pump connections and pressure gauge. Water shower nozzles provided throughout the unit. Height adjustment and traverse movement facility. Axial adjustment of unit on slide rails with locking arrangement. Water level control and drain, accurate vacuum control.

Cater Pillar (Haul Off Unit / Traction Unit)

Heavy duty cater pillar for TWIN SCREW Pipe plants

Light & Medium duty Cater pillar for  Single screw pipe plants.

Specially designed rubber pulling belts- Twin and  multi track system. Driven by AC  motor coupled with reduction gearbox. Cater pillar with Individual drive for each belt also available. Line speed range of 0.375 to 7.5 m/min.and up to 16 to 20 m/min. Opening range10 mm to 250 mm and 30 mm to 350 between the belt is adjusted manually. AC variable speed drive  in control panel. Synchronism schem with extruder motor.

Back View Of Twin Screw Pipe Plant

Die Head For Twin Screw Pipe Plant

Multi Pipe Die

Made from alloy steel and hard chrome plated. Suitable for wide range of thickness. Thickness can be changed by changing pin of the die. Designed for smooth melt flow  and  low  melt  pressure.  With  Die  trolley  stand  for smooth melt flow and low melt pressure. with Die trolley stand for dies above 200mm diameter pipe.

MODELS PD-65 PD-110 PD-200 PD-315
Pipe range Diameter 20-65 20-110 63-200 110-315
Multi Die Head 2 X 20 2 X 25 4 X 20 4 x 25

Twin Screw PVC Pipe Plant

RPVC Profile Twin Screw