Models TTS-32 TTS-38 TTS-45
Screw Diameter 32 mm 38 mm 45 mm
L/D Ratio 28:1 28:1 28:1
Tube Size Range 1 to 20 mm 1 to 32 mm 3 to 38 mm
Extruder Motor 3.75 KW 5.00 KW 7.50 KW
Tube Puller Motor 0.375 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW
*Output Kg./Hour 12-14 19-22 28-32
Total Connected Load 7.4 KW 9.7 KW 13.5 KW

Online cutters for cutting long length and small pieces of tubes are different and customised with customer’s requirement. On line Cutters are equipped with servo motor, controller & encoder or magnetic clutch brake & encoder for precise and accurate cutting length. Winder with traverse assembly is provided for flexible tubes, if required. Die and calibrating systems will be different for different items/tubes/profiles.

Jockey Extruder will be required to be connected with the Plant for making lining on outer surface of tube/ straw or pen barrel.

Tube, Straw, Pen Barrel & Refill plant