For making medical use tubes for I V set, scalp vein tubes, Rail tubes, Blood & urine tubes. SPVC Blown film/ sheet Plants for making PVC Blood & urine pouches also available.

Models TTX-45 TTX-50
Screw Diameter 45 mm 50 mm
L/D Ratio 26:1 26:1
Tube Size Range 1 to 30 mm 1 to 38 mm
Extruder Motor 5.0 KW 7.5 KW
Tube Puller Motor 0.75 KW 0.75 KW
*Output Kg./Hour 20-24 28-32
Total Connected Load 12.5 KW 14 KW

Jockey Extruder will be required to be connected with the Non Toxic medical tube Plant for making RAIL TUBES.

PVC Medical Tube Plant