MODELS HM-35 (Lab) HM-130 HM-210 HM-250 HM-300
Vessel volume in liters 35 130 210 250 300
* Mixing tool motor capacity with
dual/ single speed motor
4-5/ 5 HP 16-20/ 15 HP 31-40/ 40 HP 43-51/ 50 HP 50-60/ 60 HP
Mixer motor controls Dual Speed/ Star
Delta/ AC Vari Drive
Dual Speed/ Star
Delta/ AC Vari
Dual Speed/ Star
Delta/ AC Vari Drive
Dual Speed/ Star
Delta/ AC Vari Drive
AC Vari Drive
Max. Mixing capacity Kg per batch/
*Output Kg per hr.
10/ 40-50 40/ 160-200 60/ 240-300 80/ 320-400 100/ 400-500
  • Option for Mixer with single speed motor and AC Variable speed drive is beneficial for electrical installation and equipments. It controls/ regulates starting heavy inrush current (6-7 times of full load current) of the motor. Resulting into increase in motor winding, bearings & vee belts life and reduce maintenance & electrical consumption.
  • Motor capacities mentioned in above table are for making RPVC/ UPVC compound. Motor capacity will be higher than mentioned for making plasticized/ soft PVC compounds. Mixers for special applications are also available.
  • Specifications same as described for Heater – Cooler Mixer 
    Mixer Motor Capacity may change according to application. It will be as per our quotation.

Mixers for granule mixing and heating are also available as under :

Vessel volume in litres 60 Lts. 130 Lts.
Mixing tool motor capacity 10 HP 20 HP
Max. Mixing capacity per batch 30 Kg. 60/ 80 Kg.
*Output Kg per hr. 60-90 Kg 120 Kg


*Output depends on content of moisture in the granule under mixing & drying and Climate/ season.
Granule heater Mixer vessel made from M.S.Thick sheet & blades from alloy hardened flat.