Models TPQ-38 TPQ-50 TPQ-65
Screw Diameter mm 38 50 65
Screw L/D Ratio 26:1/28:1 28:1 28:1
Extruder Motor KW 5.0 9.3 15.0
Out put Kg. / Hr. 25-28 40-45 60-70
Lay flat width mm 50-250 75-600 150-900
Brass/ Aluminum Sizers 02 Nos. 02 Nos. 02 Nos.
Total Connected Load 12.5 KW 23.5 KW 36.25 KW
  • SIZING RING & WATER BATH : Aluminum / Brass sizing rings with jacketed water bath having cold / chilled water inlet and out lets with control valves. Water bath height adjustment facility provided. Chilled water is recommended for better clarity & shining of PP film. Water chilling plant is not inclusive with plant.
  • TAKE OFF UNIT : Having one set of rollers (Rubber and S. S. Coated steel roller) driven by AC motor coupled with reduction gear box. Stainless steel water bath provided. Stainless steel down ward lay flat flatting boards with adjustment devices. Ladder will be provided to climb on take off unit plat farm.
  • WINDER : Choice from Surface, Cantilever or center type winders. Winders having controller with torque motor coupled with reduction gear box. Cantilever and center type winders having set of Nip rollers with AC frequency drive & AC motor coupled with redution gear box.
  • DRIER : having heater and blower with motor for drying the wet film.
    Spiral type Die head with ROTATING DIE is also available

PP TQ blown Film Plant