For making LDPE/ LLDPE/ HDPE & HM-HDPE or mix of these blown films.Proven and tested technology and Performance Plants.


  • “Plasma- Gas Nitride hardened Barrel and high output – high speed Screw.
  • Energy efficient and extruder application Helical Gear box.
  • Temperature and control panel board with PID Digital temperature controllers, MCBs, Switches, Ameters, connectors and Main switch.
  • AC drives for Extruder and nip roller motor.
  • Spiral Die.
  • Film embossing (RimZim) roller mounting arrangement.
  • Surface Winder with Torque motor and controller.
  • Minimum electrical consumption per kg production.
  • Real Space saving. Choice for changeability of winder position suitable to your space- in line or right angle to take up nip roller.
  • Plant with Rotating die/ Oscillated take up and oscillated extruder also available.”

Energy efficient Real Power saver Plants

Models TCHM-32 TCHM-38 TCHM-45 TCHM-55
Screw Dia. 32 mm 38 mm 45 mm 55 mm
Extruder Motor 5.0 KW 9.5 KW 15 KW 18.5 KW
Die type Spiral Spiral Spiral Spiral
Lay flat width 75-300 mm 100-450 mm 150-600 mm 200-850 mm
*Max. Output 18-22 Kg/hr 40-43 Kg/hr 55-65 Kg/hr 75-85 Kg/hr
Nip Roller 500 mm 650 mm 800 mm 1000
Winder Surface Surface Surface Surface
Connected Load 11.5 KW 19.5 KW 26.5 KW 37.0 KW

Conventional type medium speed blown film plants are also available as under. These plants are long life, sturdy and maintenance free having less ware & tear. Rating of extruder motor and Max. Output in table above will be changed as table giver here under. Other specifications remain same as above table.

Models TCH-32 TCH-38 TCH-45 TCH-55
Extruder Motor 3.5 KW 7.5 KW 11.2 KW 15.0 KW
Max. Output 15-16 Kg/hr 30-35 Kg/hr 45-50 Kg/hr 50-60 Kg/hr

Double Bubble compact blown film plants are also available with stationery & Rotating die.