MODELS Screw diameter mm L/D ratio Extruder motors-KW *Out put Hose size range
RPVC Extruder Soft PVC Extruder RPVC Extruder Soft PVC Extruder Kg/hr Diameter mm
TSH 5065 50 65 23:1& 26:1 7.5 11.2 60-80 19 to 100
TSH 6565 65 65 23:1& 26:1 15.0 11.2 80-100 50 to

Note: Raw material for making braided hose is Soft PVC granules and for suction hose it is soft PVC granule as well as Rigid PVC compound. Soft PVC granules are available in market or can be made in house on extrusion plant. Braided and suction hoses can be made directly from dry blend PVC compound also.High Speed Mixer will be required for making PVC compound. Jockey Extruder has to be connected with the hose plant, if parallel colour line or strap is required on outer surface of the hose.